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39. Dana White

Dana White on Think Enriched

Dana White | Created an income by working on a weakness

Everyone talks about great it would be to start a blog and turn it into a business, (kind of like this moment,)  Dana White, of a Slob Comes Clean, has made it happen!

And how did she do it? She wanted a clean house! This episode really

  • How her blog/ business came to be
  • How her writing through a struggle has helped many people
  • She doesn’t write about being perfect, she offers hope
  • How to be a coach:  What you need to know
  • Earning through e-books.  The process of creating a product.
  • Products make her blog a business.
  • Where she is selling her products & why.
  • It’s okay to consider yourself a brand, not just a blogger
  • What she would say the person that wants an online business but has no idea how to get started.
  • What do people come to you and ask, “How do I do…?”
  • A product allows you to have a business
  • How she controls her income.  She decides when more money is coming her way.
  • How she began to understand her value as a cleaning expert & teacher.
  • What she would tell you to get started on creating another online income stream.
  • Don’t spend too much time setting up.  Get working on your creation and business.
  • Do what is fun to you!  It keeps you energized and invites people to learn more you.
  • “You don’t have a blog, you have a message.”
  • The level of passion of the people that follow her is remarkable..  The people she connects with on YouTube are not the same who read her blog or listen to her podcast.
  • How to measure the impact of her followers
  • What it means for her to be “Ridiculously frugal.”
  • How she had learned to buy a car without going into debt.
  • Her Dave Ramsey car story.  You won’t believe what happened to this family!
  • They decided to not buy cash cars in the future, have a solid down payment and pay it off as quickly as they can.
  • How they determined to do what was best for their family

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