E002 Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation

Welcome to the show, Nick Loper!

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler



Show notes:

Side Hustle

Red Paper Clip Story

Shoe business online

How Side Hustle Nation came to be

Build it on the side

15 Best Side Hustles

The first step in order to create a business.

Nick’s success with Fiverr.com

A major jump in his Side Hustle on Fiver

How to determine your “Freedom Number”

How to determine your “Rat Race Number”

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

How to determine your “Retirement Number”

The rule of 25.

Importance of Supportive spouse

“The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class”

Best thing that could happen

Most Likely that could happen

Worst thing that could happen

Save money on your cell phone with Ting, Republic Wireless,

Being overdrawn.

The reverse Debt Snowball.  A passive income approach.

Cashing in on the rewards of credit cards.

Be the credit card company’s worst nightmare.  Pay on time.  Cash in every reward.  Make them work for you.

Every credit card is 0% interest when you pay it on time.

Nick’s personal process to test things out and see what works.

How members of his Nick’s Mastermind group has made tremendous progress.

Nick’s One- time Strategy session.

Examine what has worked

What is the next step

Evaluate your next steps in the process for success

Entrepreneurism is not just one source of income or traffic.  That’s too risky.

It’s not all rainbows and puppy dog moments.

The first day/ low point of his self-employed career

Nick’s next few projects

Self-publishing, check out episode 58

Nick’s TED-X talk on creativity, and the Entrepreneurial Generation.

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