Lee Cockerell | If you're not organized with your money, you can ruin your career.

Lee Cockerell | If you’re not organized with your money, you can ruin your career.


Lee Cockerell, former VP of Operations of Walt Disney World, shares his powerful story of he learned to manage money, train others how to do so, and where we are headed financially.

We discuss:

  • Banquet worker to management working in major hotel chains and the Disney organization.
  • People recognize a great attitude, hard work, and doing your best.
  • How he & his wife learned how to manage money.
  • How much money he would leave for his family to survive in New York.
  • Why it’s too easy to spend, and why discipline matters.
  • Why it is so important to do the hard things.
  • How hard work builds self-esteem.
  • How time management compares to money management. We don’t know how disorganized we are.
  • How he ran a major business by using paper files to verify the details.
  • Automatic payments can kill your budget.  You’ve got to pay attention.
  • How they planned to make their cars work for them.
  • His personal account of helping others to figure out the finances.
  • The United Way has helped employees.
  • How money affects your performance as an employee.
  • What employees need to know about management.
  • How his podcast with Jody Maberry, Creating Disney Magic, got started.
  • The power of storytelling that brings reality.
  • Thrive15 for education and training.

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