Josh Cook, of Family Finance Works, shares his story on Think Enriched!

We look at:

  • Josh shares his story
  • The low feeling he experienced when making poor money choices
  • Kids bring an extra layer of financial accountability
  • Why he decided to get a blog out into the world (it wasn’t his choice)
  • Avoiding the “Squirrel Syndrome.”  Distractions are everywhere.
  • Saving is a discipline.
  • You’ve got to be future oriented to achieve your goals.
  • Find those people who help you improve your life.
  • You can improve the lives of those around you.  Build those friends up.  Serve others and build them up.
  • How they do The Family Budget.  The routine they use to incorporate the goals within the budget.
  • Pay the bills manually.  See the money go out.
  • “Make the spending hurt and the saving easy.”
  • Have a relationship with your money.  Watch the small things- they add up and can bite ya at month’s end.
  • He’s a spreadsheets guy with a less detail-oriented wife.  How does that work?
  • The toughest conversation to get going is a money conversation.
  • Don’t take it personally.  It’s teamwork situation.
  • “Small improvement is progress.”
  • “It takes time to build the discipline.”
  • A budget does not mean you’re being punished.
  • How an abundance mindset affects your budget.
  • Generosity is important to implement in the process.  Teaching the kids to give to others helps develop that abundance mindset.
  • Give children opportunity to decide how to use money.  Example:  Josh’s children’s success with a lemonade stand.   And what they did with the money they earned.
  • The blanket of negativity that holds you back.
  • How to become a more positive person.
  • Too many are hopeless with their finances.  How that person can get the perspective.
  • “Keep it simple.  Spend less than you make.  There’s always hope and help for you.”

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