"What is Measured is Improved," or "Mind your own Beeswax."

“What is Measured is Improved,” or “Mind your own Beeswax.”

It’s Friday!  Let’s put the fun back in the fundamentals of finance!

  • Shout out to part of our Think Enriched Nation (TE Nation), Dave Lee, for giving some insight on how he Invests in Himself.
  • Do you know how the phrase, “Mind your own Beeswax,” actually came to be?  I’ll share the story with you and how it applies to financial wisdom.
  • I share how this summer we have been reminded that, “What is measured is improved,” and why tracking your money is key to making major strides in your financial situation.

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

Ready to get your finances in order?

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The episode “Mind Your Own Beeswax,” first appeared on Think Enriched.


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