39. Dana White

Dana White on Think Enriched

Dana White | Created an income by working on a weakness

Everyone talks about great it would be to start a blog and turn it into a business, (kind of like this moment,)  Dana White, of a Slob Comes Clean, has made it happen!

And how did she do it? She wanted a clean house! This episode really

  • How her blog/ business came to be
  • How her writing through a struggle has helped many people
  • She doesn’t write about being perfect, she offers hope
  • How to be a coach:  What you need to know
  • Earning through e-books.  The process of creating a product.
  • Products make her blog a business.
  • Where she is selling her products & why.
  • It’s okay to consider yourself a brand, not just a blogger
  • What she would say the person that wants an online business but has no idea how to get started.
  • What do people come to you and ask, “How do I do…?”
  • A product allows you to have a business
  • How she controls her income.  She decides when more money is coming her way.
  • How she began to understand her value as a cleaning expert & teacher.
  • What she would tell you to get started on creating another online income stream.
  • Don’t spend too much time setting up.  Get working on your creation and business.
  • Do what is fun to you!  It keeps you energized and invites people to learn more you.
  • “You don’t have a blog, you have a message.”
  • The level of passion of the people that follow her is remarkable..  The people she connects with on YouTube are not the same who read her blog or listen to her podcast.
  • How to measure the impact of her followers
  • What it means for her to be “Ridiculously frugal.”
  • How she had learned to buy a car without going into debt.
  • Her Dave Ramsey car story.  You won’t believe what happened to this family!
  • They decided to not buy cash cars in the future, have a solid down payment and pay it off as quickly as they can.
  • How they determined to do what was best for their family

Resources mentioned:

Friday Favor for You

Friday Favor for You

Friday Favor for You

Today we talk about a book, a Blab, and big things coming your way!

Friday Favor:  Essentialism, the Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown.

  • “Less but Better.”
  • Discipline of pursuing less to have better quality items, relationships, and income streams in your life.
  • Less buying gives you better quality.
  • Less ingredients, healthier meals.

Come talk with us!

  • Upcoming Blab session with Steve Stewart on September 23, 2015 at 6PM (PST)
  • Bring your questions on money or
  • Share you success with finances or new perspective on money.
  • Join us at the Money Blabstermind

Big things are coming your way!

  • This show will have a new format.
  • Thank YOU.  Thank you.  Thank you for joining us!
  • Think Enriched FB Group (Share your secrets & help others to find the best way to save money, improve your finances, and live your Enriched Life.)


Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Friday Favor for You,” first appeared on Think Enriched.

37. Doc Kennedy | Freelance to Build Your Finances

Doc Kennedy

Doc Kennedy on Think Enriched

Doc Kennedy, of Filmmakers Focus, shares how freelancing to create his business has worked for him.

  • What does it mean to be a freelancer.  His work is usually set by contract to make his income.
  • The challenge of working as a freelancer with seasonal work.
  • Why a small business, or online business, would consider hiring video work.
  • How important people skills are with the video process.
  • How Doc builds trust with his clients.  Time invested in his clients adds value.
  • Explaining work with the church to his clients & builds trust
  • How he decided to become a comedian.  The all or nothing point.
  • How those tough growing up years have given him strength & allowed him to build quality relationships.
  • How he helps others through filmmaking & how his past experiences has taught him compassion.
  • How he uses filmmaking as a service.
  • Where he finds inspiration from his work.
  • How he lives an enriched life.
  • “Art is never finished.  It is only abandoned.”  Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Build a life for yourself.


Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Doc Kennedy | Freelance Your Finances,” first appeared on Think Enriched.


36. Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Finding a good financial advisor is important.  Finding the right one for you can be extremely beneficial.  Consider:

  • Who your friends’ financial advisor is (similar life experience gives you knowledge.)
  • Find out if the advisor if fee-based (paid for the advice they give) or commission based (paid for the products they sell.)
  • Which compliance standards they follow Fiduciary Standards or Suitability Standards.
  • Follow your gut instinct if this should be the advisor that is right for you.

Also, let’s talk!  I want to connect with you personally!

  • Wednesday, Sept 9th, 6pm, Pacific (9pm, Eastern)
  • Go to Blab.im look for Amy Robles, Money Management

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe Saul-Sehy| How to find a good financial advisor.

Joe Saul-Sehy, from Stacking Benjamins, comes to Think Enriched! A former financial advisor, he knows how to help you find an advisor who is the best fit for your family.

Today we talk about:

  • How to find a quality financial advisor in a new location
  • How do you know when you are ready to have an investor
  • What kinds of questions to ask him/her.
  • What kinds of questions he should be asking you.
  • Why you are the rock star & he is the agent
  • Why you should be driving your own Money Bus
  • Why it can be dangerous to follow a money guru without seeing where you are in your financial journey.
  • Joe tells us how he has ran at least one mile for 1,000 days
  • How he won a Plutus Award and what that means for him in the financial community
  • Joe shares a special link just for you, the Think Enriched community:   StackingBenjamins.com/amy

Resources Mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Joe Saul-Sehy| How to Find a Good Financial Advisor,” first appeared on Think Enriched.

34. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Breakdown

Bankruptcy Breakdown

Bankruptcy.  Sure, we all know someone who has gone through a bankruptcy.

But do you really know what that means?  Can you answer basic questions about the bankruptcy process to friends, co-workers, and others?

This episode gives you the ins and outs so you can intelligently discuss it and help others understand the decision.

 Note:  This show is for informational purposes only.  If you are considering bankruptcy, seek legal counsel.

Chapter 7:

  • Called the Straight Bankruptcy
  • All your personal assets are collected & liquidated to pay off as much debt as possible.
  • Process takes 4 -6 months

Chapter 13:

  • Called the Reorganization Bankruptcy
  • A court-appointed debt repayment plan is established.
  • You can still keep your assets during the bankruptcy
  • Repayment time of 3-5 years
  • Once approved, creditors can no longer contact you


We also discuss:

  • How often you can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (they are not the same)
  • Roll of a trustee in the bankruptcy process
  • Pros & Cons of the decision
  • The amount of time the bankruptcy will be on your credit report
  • Who is responsible to get the bankruptcy lifted from your credit report once the time has passed.
  • How the decision impacts your life in other ways
  • My personal opinion on the bankruptcy decision.


Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Bankruptcy Breakdown,” first appeared on Think Enriched.

33. Debbi King

Debbi King

Debbing King

Debbi King, learned about personal finance the hard way, with over $200,000 of personal debt.  Now she teaches financial literacy to people across the US.

  • How she had the dreams in her mind, but had no idea how to get there.
  • When she hit the wall, she found herself with over $200,000 of debt, making $12,000 a year.
  • Why she was looking in the wrong places for quick-fix answers.
  • How she decided to start completely over. And why she would never recommend bankruptcy for someone else.
  • Even after bankruptcy, she was going back to same habits that got her into the massive amount of debt.
  • Personal finance is 10% math and 90% emotions.
  • When she started asking herself the tough questions about, “Why was she buying all this stuff?”
  • People want the magic pill- The way to fix a major financial problem without any discomfort.
  • How “Keeping Up with the Joneses” got her.
  • “I identified myself a lot with what I owned.”
  • She wasn’t a fixer on things, she just replaced them.
  • People are afraid of judgment and would prefer to live with the stress.  It’s not worth it.
  • When you get the habits and emotions in order, your life will completely change.
  • Financial freedom only comes when you set healthy boundaries of your emotions and habits.
  • Personal finance is personal.  What worked for me- may not work for you.
  • How you know you are ready for a finance coach.
  • Figure out where you internally to match the budget.
  • It’s good to take time and enjoy the journey of getting out of debt.
  • Don’t feel like a failure if you take time for yourself while paying off that debt.
  • You have to find a plan that works for you.

Resources mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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31. Emergency Fund, Cash in a Clutch

Cash in a Clutch

Cash in a Clutch

Do you really NEED an emergency fund?

YES.  Living in this world, you know that there are things that you just can’t control.  An emergency fund gives you the tools the roll with the punches.

How much do you really need?

Trends say start with $1,000, but if a job loss/ crisis arises how soon will that money last for you?

Figure out your number.  Consider:

  • Job loss
  • ER visit
  • Insurance deductible…
  • Dental situation
  • Pet injury
  • Replace a water heater (Major home repair)
  • Family situation/ funeral/ travel
  • Moving costs
  • Car trouble.  Like, major car trouble.

Where to put that money?

  • Freezer?  Undies drawer?
  • Savings account?  Most likely
  • Money Market account?  Not easily accessible.

How to create it?

  • Set up that account.  (trip to the bank/ online)
  • Set up automatic savings  Think (Out of sight. Out of mind.  Ready for the clutch.)
  • Example:  ($50/check at 26 pay periods per year =$1,300)
  • Bump that up ($100/check at 26 pay periods a year = $2,600 + $1,300 = $3,900 in two years without thinking about it.)

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Cash in a Clutch,” first appeared on Think Enriched.


30. Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan, from Get in the Lab, gives some incredible insight on the work that needs to be done on the inside to enrich your life and finances in ways unimagined before.

  • Why Megan starts every episode with Plato’s Quote: “Know Thyself.”
  • How she came to understand her power to make her life better.
  • How personal development helps her financially.
  • How she brought back the voice that she had quieted for so, so long.
  • When she started asking the big questions: “Why am I here?” and “What am I doing on here on this earth?” and what that changed.
  • How she found herself giving to the point of being taken advantage of- and how that showed up in  here finances.
  • What that final point that led her to turn it around.
  • How the stress & anxiety of her finances became a back pain issue.
  • She shares the story of her being Teacher’s Pet, but never got the gold.
  • How she realized that she never really landed her punch.
  • We discuss how being a woman may or may not make it easier to be passive about following your own ambitions.
  • How working with her fiancee and watching their business grow; yet still having a desire to build her own thing.
  • Why she believes you have to believe in yourself before you can ever make a sale.
  • We discuss the line between being confident and genuine or being cocky and insincere, and how to recognize that in the online space.
  • How she has determined a selling/ marketing strategy that rings true to her moral compass.
  • The importance of meaning what you say.  How she had to teach that to someone.
  • VEDA: Vlog Every day in August or April.  A challenge/process of answering questions online to make a video.
  • B2CVEDA, Megan’s branch of VEDA.
  • How she is an introvert and works on camera regularly.  Bonus:  Her secret to bring out the performer in her introverted self!
  • Create something with heart.

Resources mentioned today:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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The episode “Know Thyself,” first appeared on Think Enriched.


29. What is Measured is Improved

"What is Measured is Improved," or "Mind your own Beeswax."

“What is Measured is Improved,” or “Mind your own Beeswax.”

It’s Friday!  Let’s put the fun back in the fundamentals of finance!

  • Shout out to part of our Think Enriched Nation (TE Nation), Dave Lee, for giving some insight on how he Invests in Himself.
  • Do you know how the phrase, “Mind your own Beeswax,” actually came to be?  I’ll share the story with you and how it applies to financial wisdom.
  • I share how this summer we have been reminded that, “What is measured is improved,” and why tracking your money is key to making major strides in your financial situation.

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

Ready to get your finances in order?

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The episode “Mind Your Own Beeswax,” first appeared on Think Enriched.


28. Josh Cook | Keep it Simple

Josh Cook, of Family Finance Works, shares his story on Think Enriched!

We look at:

  • Josh shares his story
  • The low feeling he experienced when making poor money choices
  • Kids bring an extra layer of financial accountability
  • Why he decided to get a blog out into the world (it wasn’t his choice)
  • Avoiding the “Squirrel Syndrome.”  Distractions are everywhere.
  • Saving is a discipline.
  • You’ve got to be future oriented to achieve your goals.
  • Find those people who help you improve your life.
  • You can improve the lives of those around you.  Build those friends up.  Serve others and build them up.
  • How they do The Family Budget.  The routine they use to incorporate the goals within the budget.
  • Pay the bills manually.  See the money go out.
  • “Make the spending hurt and the saving easy.”
  • Have a relationship with your money.  Watch the small things- they add up and can bite ya at month’s end.
  • He’s a spreadsheets guy with a less detail-oriented wife.  How does that work?
  • The toughest conversation to get going is a money conversation.
  • Don’t take it personally.  It’s teamwork situation.
  • “Small improvement is progress.”
  • “It takes time to build the discipline.”
  • A budget does not mean you’re being punished.
  • How an abundance mindset affects your budget.
  • Generosity is important to implement in the process.  Teaching the kids to give to others helps develop that abundance mindset.
  • Give children opportunity to decide how to use money.  Example:  Josh’s children’s success with a lemonade stand.   And what they did with the money they earned.
  • The blanket of negativity that holds you back.
  • How to become a more positive person.
  • Too many are hopeless with their finances.  How that person can get the perspective.
  • “Keep it simple.  Spend less than you make.  There’s always hope and help for you.”

Resources mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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27. Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

While you are saving money, paying off debt and focusing on your future, it’s easy to forget to invest in yourself.  Don’t make this mistake.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in yourself:

  1. Because NO ONE else will.
  2. You will only improve if you choose to do so and are willing to work at it.
  3. You can improve your mind, skill set, body and it helps in every other facet of your life.
  4. When you broaden your horizons you can set your own financial path.
  5. You determine how much money you will pay to invest in yourself.

Resources mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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26. Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make money, Build your Dream & Give value to others.

Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make Money, Build Your Dream & Create Tremendous Value for Others.

Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make Money, Build Your Dream & Create Tremendous Value for Others.

Scott Barlow and wife, Alyssa, creators of Happen to Your Career, share their real-life story of how they learned to manage money, paid off a tremendous amount of debt, and created a business helping others navigate their career path while being able to stay at home with their family.

This dynamic couple made me laugh, look deeper and enjoy our time together.  We cover:

  • High school sweethearts figured out money in the world.
  • Scott built his first business in college.
  • Their first career move and settled into the house, dream cars and then lost a job.
  • How they determined to get serious about finances.
  • Finding themselves in the “Bad Spot.”  And how he told her it was time to fix it.
  • The numbers were more surprising than they realized.
  • “Counting your debt in airline miles…” is not the best way to evaluate it.
  • It was not easy.
  • How they work as business team and still maintain marital bliss.
  • “I can create things that are valuable for other people…and make money!”
  • Asking for a raise is possible.
  • How do you take control of your income, your health, your life…?  They are all interrelated.
  • When they stopped moving up the career ladder and decided to make his business- to their business.
  • Working at their company, balancing the details with big picture perspective.
  • How to balance the business and their regular life.
  • Create value and create the life you want.
  • Chats over coffee offered value to others, that led to Scott’s business model.
  • How kids changed their perspective on money management, life, and overall goals for them.
  • Their business, “Happen to Your Career” can help you find your career path.
  • A bonus created just for Think Enriched listeners is found at:  http://happentoyourcareer.com/enriched

Links mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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25. Lee Cockerell| If you’re not organized with your money, you can ruin your career.

Lee Cockerell | If you're not organized with your money, you can ruin your career.

Lee Cockerell | If you’re not organized with your money, you can ruin your career.


Lee Cockerell, former VP of Operations of Walt Disney World, shares his powerful story of he learned to manage money, train others how to do so, and where we are headed financially.

We discuss:

  • Banquet worker to management working in major hotel chains and the Disney organization.
  • People recognize a great attitude, hard work, and doing your best.
  • How he & his wife learned how to manage money.
  • How much money he would leave for his family to survive in New York.
  • Why it’s too easy to spend, and why discipline matters.
  • Why it is so important to do the hard things.
  • How hard work builds self-esteem.
  • How time management compares to money management. We don’t know how disorganized we are.
  • How he ran a major business by using paper files to verify the details.
  • Automatic payments can kill your budget.  You’ve got to pay attention.
  • How they planned to make their cars work for them.
  • His personal account of helping others to figure out the finances.
  • The United Way has helped employees.
  • How money affects your performance as an employee.
  • What employees need to know about management.
  • How his podcast with Jody Maberry, Creating Disney Magic, got started.
  • The power of storytelling that brings reality.
  • Thrive15 for education and training.

Links mentioned:

Questions?  Let’s talk:  amy@thinkenriched.com

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24. Debt Free Guys| Be debt free. Have fun. Be money conscious.

Debt Free Guys

Debt Free Guys | Be debt free. Have fun. Be money conscious.

The Debt Free Guys visit Think Enriched today! David Auten & John Schneider, share their story of how they were both working in the financial industry and found themselves with $51K of credit card debt.  Hear how they went from that point to now teaching others to live their motto:  Be debt free.  Have fun.  And be money conscious.

We’ll look at:

  • How they earned that debt
  • That Aha moment that changed their lives
  • Their 4 Principles of a Debt Free Life
  • Why it’s important to be Money Conscious
  • What triggered David to track every dollar for an entire year.
  • How they decided what they really want in life
  • Why it’s important to have fun while you are living debt free.
  • What is NSE (Not so Expensive) is their lifestyle
  • How they use coupons and live fabulously
  • How they deliberately chose to stay away from being “house poor.”
  • What it means to visualize and socialize their debt free commitment.
    • How they told friends and family what they were doing
    • How many friends and family are in the exact situation you are- but never talk about it
    • How you can talk about money with friends and family
  • What they learned from The Road to Wellness
  • Why you should subscribe to Monday Money Minute
  • How you can avoid budget creep.
  • How to connect with Debt Free Guys
  • You can have a good life and live debt free.

Links mentioned:

Declare Your Financial Independence

Declare Your Financial Independence

Declare Your Financial Independence

A recent article from WalletHub declared the most and least financially literate states in the U.S.

Source: WalletHub

The criteria for this article is what we discuss today to evaluate our own financial literacy and declare financial independence.

Planing & Daily Habits:

  • Do you spend more than you make?
  • Do you have a rainy day fund?
  • Is your rainy day fund enough for a rainy day?
  • Do you pay only the minimums on credit cards?
  • Do you compare cards before applying for one?

Knowledge & Education

  • Do you have a bachelor’s degree?
  • Do you feel like you need a bachelor’s degree?
  • Do you take time to learn about your financial situation?

If you answered Yes to 4-6 questions:  You’re on the right track.  Make those subtle changes as needed to increase your financial literacy and get you closer to independence.

If you answered Yes to 2-4 questions:  This is your personal wake-up call.  Time to get things organized and make tremendous strides in your financial situation.

If you answered Yes to 0-2 questions:  We need to talk.  And by we, I mean you and your financial accountability buddy (be it a spouse, friend or other.) There is still time to make 2015 the year you greatly change your financial literacy, but it starts with you.

As always, if you have questions, don’t know where to start, or feeling overwhelmed with the situation, contact me:  amy@thinkenriched.com.  We can figure out a solution.  If I don’t have the answer, I’ll direct you the person who does.

Ready to get your finances in order?

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22. Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo, of Generosity Philosophy, joins Think Enriched today!

We’ll learn about:

  • How she helps others live a more generous lifestyle, through her podcast, Generosity Philosophy.
  • Where they are in their journey to get out of debt and get their finances in order.
  • How the daily expenses have been adding up for her.
  • The tragedy that was the wake-up call to get the finances in order.
  • Spend time with her family and travel more.
  • The BIG items she sold to help her family’s finances.
  • The mindset shift and the commitment that keeps her goal in perspective.
  • When they looked at the numbers and what it feels like when she saw all the debt.
  • Her friends are cheering her on in this process.
  • How her podcast has helped her grow as a person.
  • George the Generous Giraffe, her first children’s book, is now out on Amazon.
  • How she launched her book with a KickStarter campaign to earn the funds to pay for the launch of the book.
  • You can win a free copy of her book in 3 easy steps:
    • Leave a rating and review on iTunes
    • Take a screen shot and email it to me: amy@thinkenriched.com
    • In the email, please let me know your mailing address where to send the book when you win! (Winners will be announced on Think Enriched, July 28th episode)
  • How they balance the fine line of cutting back on spending and still being able to give generously.
  • A moment with her daughter to spend less.

Links from the show:

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21. Board Meeting Strategy Session

Board Mtg Strategy Session

Board Mtg Strategy Session

Use #IThinkEnriched to let us know how you are doing with the challenges.

Episode 20 was our first Board Meeting.  We discussed  a variety of items and are given a challenge from each of the members of the Board.

The challenges are:

Brian Lindner, of Make Some Wonderful, challenges us to “Don’t Panic when you are talking with your spouse about stressful money situations.”

  • Slow down.
  • Plan 3 topics to address per money situation.
  • Listen.  Try the tongue technique to make sure you’re not talking too much.
  • Establish goals together.
  • Hold each other accountable.

Gina Young, of Money Savvy Living, has given us the “Clean Out the Pantry Challenge.”

  • Take inventory of your kitchen, pantry, and food items.
  • Plan meals based on the food items.
  • Shop the essentials.  Just go around the outside of the grocery store when you are out of the grocery store.

Travis Scott, of Stuff Parents Like, challenged us in the next 20 episodes to “Start a Side Business.”

  • Find one thing you are doing daily that you could sell to others.
  • Offer your service and business to your friends and family.
  • Start building your dream today.

Use #IThinkEnriched to share your images, tweets or stories of how you are accepting the challenge.

I am cheering you on!

20. The Board Meeting

The Board Meeting

The Board Meeting

The First Board Meeting.

Meet the board:  Travis Scott, Gina Young, and Brian Lindner, sharing their thoughts and insights on money management strategies.

Today’s board covers:

  • How to start that first difficult conversation with your sweetheart about the finances.
    • Remember you’re on the same team.
    • Common goals build the conversation.
    • Talk about money styles before you think you need to.
  • How to get out of debt quickly.
    • Plan on what’s costing the most.  (Check interest rates.)
    • Slow down and figure out the best solution for you.
    • See the big picture.  Write it down. Create the plan of action.
    • Find the pain point to make it work.
  • How to earn more money quickly.
    • Ask for a raise.  I Will Teach You to Be Rich
    • Change your habits right now. Buy generic brands. Spend less.
    • Get organized on your finances today.  It will feel like earning more.
  • Your credit cards are changing in October.  Are you ready?
  • The challenge from the Board.  Use #IThinkEnriched to join in the challenge and share your results.

19. What do you Value?

What do you Value?

What do you Value?

Where you spend your money shows what you value.

  • Jody Maberry shared his insight on experience and value in the last episode
  • Credit Card Statistics, June 2015, from NerdWallet
  • Four ways you can evaluate what you value
    • Examine waste of food at home
    • Eliminate the clutter in your home
    • Clean out the garage
    • Sell, donate and get rid of everything in your storage unit.
  • This will help your FEPS (as shared by Mike Kim on Brand You)
    • Financial value
    • Emotional value
    • Physical value
    • Spiritual/Soul value
  • Evaluate and make sure what you value monetarily matches what you value personally.

18. Jody Maberry | Your Experience Adds Value

JodyMaberry| Your Experience is How You Add Value

JodyMaberry| Your Experience is How You Add Value

Jody Maberry, former financial analyst turned park ranger, takes his experience of numbers and a love for the outdoors and makes it work. You can too.

  • His first day on the job as a Park Ranger sounds like a movie.
  • Park Rangers’ work is not just about taking care of nature- it’s about the people.
  • Relationships impact your life & finances more than you realize.
    • How you treat your customers, people matters
    • How you treat your staff impacts your bottom line.
    • Treat your staff like the personal relationships you need to develop and they will greatly impact the success of your organization.
  • A quality experience & a lesson of his 9 yr-old son working as a busker.
  • Jody worked as a financial analyst, how does that affects his daily finances.
    • The value of tracking and budgeting his books.
    • He’s tracked every expense of his entire marriage.
    • The importance of knowing where the dollars are at.
  • With all his financial education, money mistakes still happen.
  • They were all out of debt and then went back into debt for an advanced degree.
  • All the hard work and discipline that it takes to get out of debt, protect that after you’ve achieved.
  • The hardest part of having a student loan is…
  • You don’t have to be a spreadsheet expert to get out of debt.  You just have to have the discipline to work on it.
  • You direct where your dollars are going.
  • His experience volunteering with VIPs and meeting Dave Ramsey.
  • The comparison of Jody’s voice and Casey Kasem. The thing that kept him from the podcasting opportunity; now makes him stand out.
  • Your background, your experience is what makes you unique and gives you a specific perspective to offer others.
  • Park Leaders, his first podcast that continues to offer business insight and leadership skills for others.
  • Creating Disney Magic, his other podcast with Lee Cockerell, discusses leadership qualities to others.
  • Podcast Washington Meetup has taught us both to continue on.
  • Connect with Jody at JodyMaberry.com.

17. How to Save Money

How to Save Money

How to Save Money

Sure, you know that you should not be using the credit card to buy the big stuff.  We all know that.  But do you know how to save money, really?

Not spending is part of the deal, clearly.  But can you break down the big picture dreams into daily actions and saving that will work for you and your lifestyle?

The truth is: most of us have never even thought about it.

Here are 4 steps to help you save money for what you really want.

1. Set the goal.

  • The object.
  • The time line.
  • Create trade-offs.

2.  Break it down to tiny steps.

  • Open an additional savings account if necessary.
  • Label the account.
  • Check after the first check to make sure money is getting deposited.

3.  Set it up for auto transfers.

  • Deposit to the account.
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, weekly deposits.
  • Check each month.

4.  Leave it alone.

  • Here’s the challenge:  The DISCIPLINE.
  • Make it yours.

And 5.  (the Bonus)

Enjoy every single minute of that big thing.  Because it’s already paid for!

16. Kitty Hilton | Relationship Marketing, Full-Time Money

16.Kitty Hilton|Relationship Marketing is Full-Time Income

16.Kitty Hilton|Relationship Marketing is Full-Time Income

Kitty Hilton has been a representative of her company for nearly 20 years.  Her success has been an example to many and has a team of people working with her in 22 countries.

But how do you know if it’s right for you?

We talk about all the ins and outs with this style of marketing, including:

  • Relationship marketing vs. franchising
  • “Not everyone will, but anyone can!”
  • There’s no secret to success:  It’s just about doing the work.
  • Major companies are using “Word-of-Mouth” marketing to reach the massive market.  Why not get paid for your own “Word-of-Mouth” campaigns?
  • How do you find the right company for YOU?
  • Not all companies are equal.  Make sure you ask questions.
  • Dig in.  Do the research.  Give your time for the right return on your investment both financially and your time.
  • Check out the pay-out plan of the organization.  Ask questions until you clearly understand the commission pay.
  • You can earn money through your retail sales, your wholesale sales, and the people you train to do the same thing.
  • Watch the founders/ leaders of the organization.  Their character matters to the company and to you.
  • Avoid the “smoke & mirrors” of companies popping up to start.
  • It’s not about being the first signed up in the organization, it’s possible to outperform your leader/trainer.
  • We all know people.  It only takes one person to start making that business.
  • The initial investment can be costly.  How can you calculate your income?  ROI always matters.
  •  An additional $1000 per month could change the financial status of most families today.
  • The money is good.  But the money has never been her motivator.
  • You don’t have to be a hype-specialist to be successful.
  • You can contact Kitty at: sunkit7121@aol.com. 

14. James Kinson | Auto debt is killing your wealth

James Kinson| Auto Debt is Killing your Wealth

James Kinson| Auto Debt is Killing your Wealth

James Kinston is the “Paul Revere of Auto Debt.”  An award-winning podcast and site educates many on how to pay cash for a quality car.

The skill to “Buy a Beater:”  it’s not just the used car lot down the street.

He’s had how many cars?

People buy into the lie that you have to have a new car.  That’s marketing from the auto companies.

The average car loan payment is $482/month.

If you take that one car payment and invest it over 40 years, you can be a millionaire.

How do you define a “Hoopty?”

The kind of car you can get for $3000 – $5000.

“When you get a raise, your lifestyle will rise with the increase.”  Not true.

“You will always have a car payment.”  Not true.

MJ DeMarco, Millionaire Fast Lane

Retirement savings is pitiful.

Be intentional with your money.

Take care of the things that are most important to you first.

People don’t change their personality when they have money. If you someone is making late payments now, they will still make late payments when they have money.”

Larry Winget, You’re Broke Because You Want to Be

Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover

Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Next Door

Tweet:  “Make the saving painless and the spending painful.”

Buying vs. Leasing a Car  $475/ month to buy or $425/month to lease sound like a savings.  Is it really?

Connect with James here:

Cash Car Convert, the FB Group



13. Decisions Determine Debt

Decisions Determine Debt

Decisions Determine Debt

In this episode, we look at the importance of decisions.

Daily decisions can entirely determine your debt.  The trick is how to make

The trick is how to make those decisions.

First:  Step back, find out why you want to make the purchase.

Next: Evaluate the emotion you’re feeling.  Where is it coming from?

Finally:  Share 3 reasons, out loud, why you need to buy it.

Make your decisions help you take control of your finances.

Don’t forget to sign up and learn how to more effectively Drive your MoneyBus.

12. Student Loan Debt? You’re not alone. An interview with Melanie Lockert

Melanie Lockert on Think Enriched

Melanie Lockert on Think Enriched

Melanie from Dear Debt Blog

2011, Graduated from NYU and moved to Portland, OR with $68K in debt

That feeling of being overwhelmed with debt, the shame and guilt and loneliness.

Do something productive with this struggle.

Her personal blog is about understanding that personal emotional relationship with debt.

The Dear Debt Letters:  Break ups.

Why she deleted her Mint.com account after three days.

You have to be ready to face your situation.

Her 7-10 Side Hustles going at a time.

How being unhappy makes you spend more money.

Shopping and consumerism is not a way to feel better.

How to know the difference between treating yourself and getting consumed in overspending and consumerism.

How to recover from a spending hangover.

Where she is now on her debt free journey.

What Melanie would tell the freshly new grad with a mountain of student loans.

Even $25 or $50 above the minimum will make some progress for you.

How you can connect with Melanie on Twitter.

11. Money Mistakes

Money Mistakes We All Make

Money Mistakes We All Make

In this episode, Amy shares 3 common money mistakes we can all make daily.

She also shares her biggest money mistake she ever made and how she had to pay for it. For years.

Amy wants you, yes You, reading this to tell her about your biggest money mistake and the lesson you learned from it.

Send her an email to: amy@thinkenriched.com and share your money mistake with her!

Marriage and Money: How to Make it Work

Marriage & Money:  How to Make it Work, with Brian Linder

Marriage & Money: How to Make it Work, with Brian Linder


In this episode, we meet Brian Linder, an LCPC, that loves to help couples enrich their marriage.

Find Brian at MakeSomeWonderful

We discuss:

  • Money & dating: and why you should be honest about your finances before you’re married.
  • In marriage, why you should combine all your finances.
  • How to handle stressful conversations about money
  • Money fights usually aren’t about money + what they are really about.
  • How emotions are related to money.
  • How you can unknowingly erode the trust in your marriage with money.
  • The right way to communicate.
  • Why you should make communication a top priority.
  • Why you should be curious about your spouse.
  • The importance of goal setting and teamwork in your marriage.
  • An enriched life in Brian’s definition.

Talk about money and still keep your class

How to Talk about Money and Still Keep Your Class.

How to Talk about Money and Still Keep Your Class.

Talking about money with friends, family and others can bring out the worst.

Don’t just give advice.

Do give solicited advice.

Don’t discuss numbers.

Do discuss strategies.

Don’t compare.

Do encourage.

(At a restaurant) Don’t talk about money in front of your server.

Do decide before you sit down how to split the bill.

Don’t brag about your success.

Do “Pull them into your journey…”

The bonus:

   LISTEN.  Listen more than you speak.  

Know your numbers with Gina Young

Welcome to Think Enriched, Gina Young!

Gina Young on Think Enriched

Gina Young on Think Enriched


In this episode we’ll learn:

How Gina, a mom of 3 boys, keeps up with life and manages to run her site:  Money Savvy Living, Living the good life on a budget

She reminds us that “You probably won’t get rich quick, but you can still live a good life.”

Money is used everyday.  Algebra?  Not so much.

You need to Know your numbers when you make a purchase.

  • Know your numbers when you buy a car.  They never quote you the rates, just the payment per month.  You’ve got to do the work.
  • Basic formula for cars:  (payment of the car * total months) – total loan amount = total interest you are going to pay.
  • Know what stack of papers are part of your mortgage.

Investing:  it’s about the fundamentals. 

You need two things to on your side when you invest

  • Money, and
  • Time

How to check out the market and a company

Resources:  Morningstar.com, Yahoo ticker

Remember, Don’t just invest and forget it.

How to know when you are ready to work with a financial advisor/ CFP?

Inexpensive trade organizations may not be the best fit for you, especially as you’re starting out.

How Gina and her husband are teaching their sons about money.

How fixing your finances isn’t just about fixing your finances.

7. You want to fix the finances…now what?

Think Enriched with Amy Robles

You want to fix your finances. Now what?
Think Enriched with Amy Robles

You want to fix your finances.  Good for you!

And I hear you thinking, “Now WHAT?”

For some, that’s the biggest step of all.

In this episode, we share the following five steps to walk you through the process.


1.  Believe it.

2. See it.

3. Write it.

4. Start it.

5. Fix it.

Get out of debt? Pay attention.

Steve Stewart visits Think Enriched today!

Steve Stewart on Think Enriched

Get out of debt? Pay attention.
Podcast.Think Enriched.com/6

Steve didn’t believe that getting out of debt was “That big of a deal.”  His perspective has completely changed.

He believes you should:  “Pay Attention, not Interest.”

Show highlights include:

Your kids watch us spend more than they see you save.

His biz philosophy in 10 words or less.

How he knows when he meets people if they are going to win with money.

“You have to be serious about getting out of debt, or you have to be rich.”

Don’t live thinking, “I’m fine.”

Live a couple years being smart and be conscious on every purchase and you’ll be able to change your life.

Financial Literacy:  how money works in the world, how he manages, invests and gives it.

How he coached one family to help them get out of debt

The importance of accountability in your financial budget

The lightbulb moment when one couple “Got it.”

Sit down.  (With a glass of wine, according to him) at the table to talk it out.

When you write down a budget, you’re defining what your values are.

Just starting out?  Track your spending. Try Mint.com

Categorize & Organize

Don’t just take somebody’s advice just because he says so…

Learn for yourself.

Steve helps people in many ways, including:  Money Plan SOS,  Financial Wellness Show, webinars, personal finance coaching.

A lot of finance products that come out aren’t for the regular guy.

Ask, “Is this what we should be doing in our personal lives?  Or, “Is this what we should be doing in business?

Find him at:  SteveStewart.me and on Twitter here.

Ep. 5 Gina Horkey: From Financial Advisor to Freelance Writer

Gina Horkey on Think Enriched

Gina Horkey: From Financial Advisor to Freelance Writer

Gina Horkey Quit her job as a Financial Advisor to be a Freelance Writer.

  • Former financial advisor gone pro freelance writer…AND her husband is able to be home with their children
  • Starts the CFP program and made a big change
  • How she defines a Webpreneur
  • How she found her writing style
  • How she found a spot writing regularly on the Huffington Post
  • How it’s been helpful to her to NOT have a degree in journalism
  • Blogging for pay, and for companies is a very realistic way to earn
  • What does a writer do during a day’s work: it’s not all coffee shops & day dreams
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • How she and her husband set their plan to have the family first and parent their own children
  • Why they stopped paying into retirement now
  • Self-doubt still comes up, having a contingency plan makes all the difference
  • Her organization system: Google’s framework works for her
  • The course on how to become a freelance writer
  • How you can determine the best way to get started on your freelance journey
  • Where to display your portfolio of writing
  • How much she spent to start her business.
  • Connect with Gina here:

E003 Travis Scott, Stuff Parents Like

Think Enriched Ep 3: Travis Scott

Think Enriched Ep 3: Travis Scott

Travis Scott,  from StuffParentsLike visits Think Enriched today!

Info here.

Travis Scott,  from StuffParentsLike visits Think Enriched today!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why he left the banking world.
  • How he and his wife made it through the loss of a child.
  • His debt-free experience. How they paid $30K off in 18 months
  • How he started an app biz, then sold it for $20K, in less than a year.
  • What is Amazon FBA, and how he can teach you this business
  • The best investment advice he has for YOU.
  • Time management with a business/life/children
  • Divorces and marriage: how you can help protect your family from that.
  • How does he lives an Enriched Life?  He figures it out.

E002 Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation

Welcome to the show, Nick Loper!

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler



Show notes:

Side Hustle

Red Paper Clip Story

Shoe business online

How Side Hustle Nation came to be

Build it on the side

15 Best Side Hustles

The first step in order to create a business.

Nick’s success with Fiverr.com

A major jump in his Side Hustle on Fiver

How to determine your “Freedom Number”

How to determine your “Rat Race Number”

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

How to determine your “Retirement Number”

The rule of 25.

Importance of Supportive spouse

“The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class”

Best thing that could happen

Most Likely that could happen

Worst thing that could happen

Save money on your cell phone with Ting, Republic Wireless,

Being overdrawn.

The reverse Debt Snowball.  A passive income approach.

Cashing in on the rewards of credit cards.

Be the credit card company’s worst nightmare.  Pay on time.  Cash in every reward.  Make them work for you.

Every credit card is 0% interest when you pay it on time.

Nick’s personal process to test things out and see what works.

How members of his Nick’s Mastermind group has made tremendous progress.

Nick’s One- time Strategy session.

Examine what has worked

What is the next step

Evaluate your next steps in the process for success

Entrepreneurism is not just one source of income or traffic.  That’s too risky.

It’s not all rainbows and puppy dog moments.

The first day/ low point of his self-employed career

Nick’s next few projects

Self-publishing, check out episode 58

Nick’s TED-X talk on creativity, and the Entrepreneurial Generation.

E001 Welcome to Think Enriched

Welcome to Think Enriched! The show made for you.

Think Enriched with Amy Robles

Think Enriched with Amy Robles

This the show you’ve been waiting for.  The show where we really look at how to manage your money and make it work for you.

We have interviews with experts ready to offer tips and strategies to make your money work for you.

We’ll learn from people who have made small changes that, over time added up to make a big impact.

We have our own board of directors with insights, different perspectives discussing money strategies, how communication affects our finances, and how to improve.

Subscribe in iTunes and leave a review.  You won’t miss an episode and we can share the show with even more people looking to learn more.

Now it’s your turn!  Post your questions directly from your computer and get them on the show!  We’ll do the research and find out the latest information on current topics.

Listen weekly, start thinking enriched and watch how your daily decisions make a powerful impact to your bottom line.