21. Board Meeting Strategy Session

Board Mtg Strategy Session

Board Mtg Strategy Session

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Episode 20 was our first Board Meeting.  We discussed  a variety of items and are given a challenge from each of the members of the Board.

The challenges are:

Brian Lindner, of Make Some Wonderful, challenges us to “Don’t Panic when you are talking with your spouse about stressful money situations.”

  • Slow down.
  • Plan 3 topics to address per money situation.
  • Listen.  Try the tongue technique to make sure you’re not talking too much.
  • Establish goals together.
  • Hold each other accountable.

Gina Young, of Money Savvy Living, has given us the “Clean Out the Pantry Challenge.”

  • Take inventory of your kitchen, pantry, and food items.
  • Plan meals based on the food items.
  • Shop the essentials.  Just go around the outside of the grocery store when you are out of the grocery store.

Travis Scott, of Stuff Parents Like, challenged us in the next 20 episodes to “Start a Side Business.”

  • Find one thing you are doing daily that you could sell to others.
  • Offer your service and business to your friends and family.
  • Start building your dream today.

Use #IThinkEnriched to share your images, tweets or stories of how you are accepting the challenge.

I am cheering you on!