26. Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make money, Build your Dream & Give value to others.

Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make Money, Build Your Dream & Create Tremendous Value for Others.

Scott & Alyssa Barlow | Make Money, Build Your Dream & Create Tremendous Value for Others.

Scott Barlow and wife, Alyssa, creators of Happen to Your Career, share their real-life story of how they learned to manage money, paid off a tremendous amount of debt, and created a business helping others navigate their career path while being able to stay at home with their family.

This dynamic couple made me laugh, look deeper and enjoy our time together.  We cover:

  • High school sweethearts figured out money in the world.
  • Scott built his first business in college.
  • Their first career move and settled into the house, dream cars and then lost a job.
  • How they determined to get serious about finances.
  • Finding themselves in the “Bad Spot.”  And how he told her it was time to fix it.
  • The numbers were more surprising than they realized.
  • “Counting your debt in airline miles…” is not the best way to evaluate it.
  • It was not easy.
  • How they work as business team and still maintain marital bliss.
  • “I can create things that are valuable for other people…and make money!”
  • Asking for a raise is possible.
  • How do you take control of your income, your health, your life…?  They are all interrelated.
  • When they stopped moving up the career ladder and decided to make his business- to their business.
  • Working at their company, balancing the details with big picture perspective.
  • How to balance the business and their regular life.
  • Create value and create the life you want.
  • Chats over coffee offered value to others, that led to Scott’s business model.
  • How kids changed their perspective on money management, life, and overall goals for them.
  • Their business, “Happen to Your Career” can help you find your career path.
  • A bonus created just for Think Enriched listeners is found at:  http://happentoyourcareer.com/enriched

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