37. Doc Kennedy | Freelance to Build Your Finances

Doc Kennedy

Doc Kennedy on Think Enriched

Doc Kennedy, of Filmmakers Focus, shares how freelancing to create his business has worked for him.

  • What does it mean to be a freelancer.  His work is usually set by contract to make his income.
  • The challenge of working as a freelancer with seasonal work.
  • Why a small business, or online business, would consider hiring video work.
  • How important people skills are with the video process.
  • How Doc builds trust with his clients.  Time invested in his clients adds value.
  • Explaining work with the church to his clients & builds trust
  • How he decided to become a comedian.  The all or nothing point.
  • How those tough growing up years have given him strength & allowed him to build quality relationships.
  • How he helps others through filmmaking & how his past experiences has taught him compassion.
  • How he uses filmmaking as a service.
  • Where he finds inspiration from his work.
  • How he lives an enriched life.
  • “Art is never finished.  It is only abandoned.”  Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Build a life for yourself.


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The episode “Doc Kennedy | Freelance Your Finances,” first appeared on Think Enriched.