22. Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo | Be Generous and Prosper

Kim Trumbo, of Generosity Philosophy, joins Think Enriched today!

We’ll learn about:

  • How she helps others live a more generous lifestyle, through her podcast, Generosity Philosophy.
  • Where they are in their journey to get out of debt and get their finances in order.
  • How the daily expenses have been adding up for her.
  • The tragedy that was the wake-up call to get the finances in order.
  • Spend time with her family and travel more.
  • The BIG items she sold to help her family’s finances.
  • The mindset shift and the commitment that keeps her goal in perspective.
  • When they looked at the numbers and what it feels like when she saw all the debt.
  • Her friends are cheering her on in this process.
  • How her podcast has helped her grow as a person.
  • George the Generous Giraffe, her first children’s book, is now out on Amazon.
  • How she launched her book with a KickStarter campaign to earn the funds to pay for the launch of the book.
  • You can win a free copy of her book in 3 easy steps:
    • Leave a rating and review on iTunes
    • Take a screen shot and email it to me: amy@thinkenriched.com
    • In the email, please let me know your mailing address where to send the book when you win! (Winners will be announced on Think Enriched, July 28th episode)
  • How they balance the fine line of cutting back on spending and still being able to give generously.
  • A moment with her daughter to spend less.

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