16. Kitty Hilton | Relationship Marketing, Full-Time Money

16.Kitty Hilton|Relationship Marketing is Full-Time Income

16.Kitty Hilton|Relationship Marketing is Full-Time Income

Kitty Hilton has been a representative of her company for nearly 20 years.  Her success has been an example to many and has a team of people working with her in 22 countries.

But how do you know if it’s right for you?

We talk about all the ins and outs with this style of marketing, including:

  • Relationship marketing vs. franchising
  • “Not everyone will, but anyone can!”
  • There’s no secret to success:  It’s just about doing the work.
  • Major companies are using “Word-of-Mouth” marketing to reach the massive market.  Why not get paid for your own “Word-of-Mouth” campaigns?
  • How do you find the right company for YOU?
  • Not all companies are equal.  Make sure you ask questions.
  • Dig in.  Do the research.  Give your time for the right return on your investment both financially and your time.
  • Check out the pay-out plan of the organization.  Ask questions until you clearly understand the commission pay.
  • You can earn money through your retail sales, your wholesale sales, and the people you train to do the same thing.
  • Watch the founders/ leaders of the organization.  Their character matters to the company and to you.
  • Avoid the “smoke & mirrors” of companies popping up to start.
  • It’s not about being the first signed up in the organization, it’s possible to outperform your leader/trainer.
  • We all know people.  It only takes one person to start making that business.
  • The initial investment can be costly.  How can you calculate your income?  ROI always matters.
  •  An additional $1000 per month could change the financial status of most families today.
  • The money is good.  But the money has never been her motivator.
  • You don’t have to be a hype-specialist to be successful.
  • You can contact Kitty at: sunkit7121@aol.com.