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Gina Young on Think Enriched

Gina Young on Think Enriched


In this episode we’ll learn:

How Gina, a mom of 3 boys, keeps up with life and manages to run her site:  Money Savvy Living, Living the good life on a budget

She reminds us that “You probably won’t get rich quick, but you can still live a good life.”

Money is used everyday.  Algebra?  Not so much.

You need to Know your numbers when you make a purchase.

  • Know your numbers when you buy a car.  They never quote you the rates, just the payment per month.  You’ve got to do the work.
  • Basic formula for cars:  (payment of the car * total months) – total loan amount = total interest you are going to pay.
  • Know what stack of papers are part of your mortgage.

Investing:  it’s about the fundamentals. 

You need two things to on your side when you invest

  • Money, and
  • Time

How to check out the market and a company

Resources:, Yahoo ticker

Remember, Don’t just invest and forget it.

How to know when you are ready to work with a financial advisor/ CFP?

Inexpensive trade organizations may not be the best fit for you, especially as you’re starting out.

How Gina and her husband are teaching their sons about money.

How fixing your finances isn’t just about fixing your finances.