19. What do you Value?

What do you Value?

What do you Value?

Where you spend your money shows what you value.

  • Jody Maberry shared his insight on experience and value in the last episode
  • Credit Card Statistics, June 2015, from NerdWallet
  • Four ways you can evaluate what you value
    • Examine waste of food at home
    • Eliminate the clutter in your home
    • Clean out the garage
    • Sell, donate and get rid of everything in your storage unit.
  • This will help your FEPS (as shared by Mike Kim on Brand You)
    • Financial value
    • Emotional value
    • Physical value
    • Spiritual/Soul value
  • Evaluate and make sure what you value monetarily matches what you value personally.

18. Jody Maberry | Your Experience Adds Value

JodyMaberry| Your Experience is How You Add Value

JodyMaberry| Your Experience is How You Add Value

Jody Maberry, former financial analyst turned park ranger, takes his experience of numbers and a love for the outdoors and makes it work. You can too.

  • His first day on the job as a Park Ranger sounds like a movie.
  • Park Rangers’ work is not just about taking care of nature- it’s about the people.
  • Relationships impact your life & finances more than you realize.
    • How you treat your customers, people matters
    • How you treat your staff impacts your bottom line.
    • Treat your staff like the personal relationships you need to develop and they will greatly impact the success of your organization.
  • A quality experience & a lesson of his 9 yr-old son working as a busker.
  • Jody worked as a financial analyst, how does that affects his daily finances.
    • The value of tracking and budgeting his books.
    • He’s tracked every expense of his entire marriage.
    • The importance of knowing where the dollars are at.
  • With all his financial education, money mistakes still happen.
  • They were all out of debt and then went back into debt for an advanced degree.
  • All the hard work and discipline that it takes to get out of debt, protect that after you’ve achieved.
  • The hardest part of having a student loan is…
  • You don’t have to be a spreadsheet expert to get out of debt.  You just have to have the discipline to work on it.
  • You direct where your dollars are going.
  • His experience volunteering with VIPs and meeting Dave Ramsey.
  • The comparison of Jody’s voice and Casey Kasem. The thing that kept him from the podcasting opportunity; now makes him stand out.
  • Your background, your experience is what makes you unique and gives you a specific perspective to offer others.
  • Park Leaders, his first podcast that continues to offer business insight and leadership skills for others.
  • Creating Disney Magic, his other podcast with Lee Cockerell, discusses leadership qualities to others.
  • Podcast Washington Meetup has taught us both to continue on.
  • Connect with Jody at JodyMaberry.com.