12. Student Loan Debt? You’re not alone. An interview with Melanie Lockert

Melanie Lockert on Think Enriched

Melanie Lockert on Think Enriched

Melanie from Dear Debt Blog

2011, Graduated from NYU and moved to Portland, OR with $68K in debt

That feeling of being overwhelmed with debt, the shame and guilt and loneliness.

Do something productive with this struggle.

Her personal blog is about understanding that personal emotional relationship with debt.

The Dear Debt Letters:  Break ups.

Why she deleted her Mint.com account after three days.

You have to be ready to face your situation.

Her 7-10 Side Hustles going at a time.

How being unhappy makes you spend more money.

Shopping and consumerism is not a way to feel better.

How to know the difference between treating yourself and getting consumed in overspending and consumerism.

How to recover from a spending hangover.

Where she is now on her debt free journey.

What Melanie would tell the freshly new grad with a mountain of student loans.

Even $25 or $50 above the minimum will make some progress for you.

How you can connect with Melanie on Twitter.