30. Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan | Know Thyself

Megan Pangan, from Get in the Lab, gives some incredible insight on the work that needs to be done on the inside to enrich your life and finances in ways unimagined before.

  • Why Megan starts every episode with Plato’s Quote: “Know Thyself.”
  • How she came to understand her power to make her life better.
  • How personal development helps her financially.
  • How she brought back the voice that she had quieted for so, so long.
  • When she started asking the big questions: “Why am I here?” and “What am I doing on here on this earth?” and what that changed.
  • How she found herself giving to the point of being taken advantage of- and how that showed up in  here finances.
  • What that final point that led her to turn it around.
  • How the stress & anxiety of her finances became a back pain issue.
  • She shares the story of her being Teacher’s Pet, but never got the gold.
  • How she realized that she never really landed her punch.
  • We discuss how being a woman may or may not make it easier to be passive about following your own ambitions.
  • How working with her fiancee and watching their business grow; yet still having a desire to build her own thing.
  • Why she believes you have to believe in yourself before you can ever make a sale.
  • We discuss the line between being confident and genuine or being cocky and insincere, and how to recognize that in the online space.
  • How she has determined a selling/ marketing strategy that rings true to her moral compass.
  • The importance of meaning what you say.  How she had to teach that to someone.
  • VEDA: Vlog Every day in August or April.  A challenge/process of answering questions online to make a video.
  • B2CVEDA, Megan’s branch of VEDA.
  • How she is an introvert and works on camera regularly.  Bonus:  Her secret to bring out the performer in her introverted self!
  • Create something with heart.

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The episode “Know Thyself,” first appeared on Think Enriched.