Ep. 5 Gina Horkey: From Financial Advisor to Freelance Writer

Gina Horkey on Think Enriched

Gina Horkey: From Financial Advisor to Freelance Writer

Gina Horkey Quit her job as a Financial Advisor to be a Freelance Writer.

  • Former financial advisor gone pro freelance writer…AND her husband is able to be home with their children
  • Starts the CFP program and made a big change
  • How she defines a Webpreneur
  • How she found her writing style
  • How she found a spot writing regularly on the Huffington Post
  • How it’s been helpful to her to NOT have a degree in journalism
  • Blogging for pay, and for companies is a very realistic way to earn
  • What does a writer do during a day’s work: it’s not all coffee shops & day dreams
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • How she and her husband set their plan to have the family first and parent their own children
  • Why they stopped paying into retirement now
  • Self-doubt still comes up, having a contingency plan makes all the difference
  • Her organization system: Google’s framework works for her
  • The course on how to become a freelance writer
  • How you can determine the best way to get started on your freelance journey
  • Where to display your portfolio of writing
  • How much she spent to start her business.
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